What Neo Soul Is Becoming


St. Cloud, Minnesota

Neo-Soul, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Soul

St. Cloud, Minnesota

Neo-Soul, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Soul


The Unique Sounds of Janey Neal

because she can

Neo-Soul singer Janey Neal, matures her sound to perfection.

Jane Neal’s appeal is undeniable. 

Truly compared to few, her distinct sound is unlike others. Her soulful bluesy, jazzy style, bare it all tell-it-like-it-is lyrics, and rich captivating sultry voice that crosses over into a R&B/Pop vibe, is very unique. She even has been known to genre jump into some Country from time to time. 

She is an accomplished singer and formidable instrumentalist. She has experience on piano and an assortments of woodwind instruments, including Violin, Clarinet, Oboe, and Flute. Starting with poetry and spoken word, she used that as a platform to turn it into recording and writing music. Unless asked to sing a song that someone has already written or working on a collaboration project, she writes all of her lyrics, and even produces some of her music. 

Her personal style is very diverse, using music as a coping mechanism throughout the years, writing to release, expressing emotions that connects with listeners, you hear and feel this through her songs that deal with real life struggles of love, pain, hurt, happiness, joy, hopes and dreams. She exposes pieces of herself, real life she draws from herself and topics of others, in ways that many artist feel uncomfortable to do. 

She writes, not only about things that she has gone through, but about things she knows others may have experienced. She writes about things that others can relate to, hoping that someone may find comfort in a song that she created and hopes it may help empower them to get through a tough time, or a struggle.

 Janey is uniquely herself. She is what Neo-Soul is becoming...


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